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Native Air - Show Low                               909-915-2303


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Cedar Fire 2016




As the focus on fire abates, the probability of flooding increases. The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team is assessing post-fire threats to life and property and effects to critical cultural and natural resources, which include soils and threatened and endangered species. The Cedar Creek Fire has a high potential to affect the Cedar Creek and Carrizo Communities with post-fire flooding. Values at risk include homes in Cedar Creek, churches, a cemetery, school, sewer lagoon, and more.

As part of the post-fire assessment, field surveys of the burn area are being conducted and flood mitigation measures are being implemented as soon as possible.

The BAER team is working in conjunction with the White Mountain Apache Tribe and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Ft. Apache Agency.




1. Please make sure your phone numbers are provided to your zone leaders per the Cedar Creek Community Evacuation Plan.

2. During a Flash Flood Warning, BE PREPARED TO MOVE TO A SAFE LOCATION. Let your zone leaders know when you leave your home and where you're going during a flash flood. In addition, Hang a white towel or sheet near your door to indicate you left. The Cedar Creek Assembly of God church is the designated meeting place.

3. STAY AWAY FROM THE FLOOD ZONE (Do not go near the Cedar Creek or the Cedar Creek Bridge or any other areas near the wash.) Go to the designated meeting place to be accounted for.

4. If you live outside the potential flood zone, STAY HOME! There is no need for you to be driving around or entering the potential flood areas for photo opps or sightseeing.

5. Follow the Cedar Creek Community Evacuation plan that was adopted by the Community and the WMAT Emergency Operations Team.

6. KNNB APACHE RADIO will provide Alerts and update during a flash flood. This includes road closures and other public information.

7. STAY OUT OF THE CEDAR FIRE AREAS!!!!!! Roads are closed for your safety.

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