Main Number 

(928) 338-4942


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Tim T. Webster       Chief of Police

Morey Cole             Captain

Toni Adley               Administrative Assistant

Alonzo Declay        Human Resource

Patricia Stover        Accounts Receivable

Professional Standards Unit

Steven Kane          Lieutenant

Perphelia Steele    Background Investigator

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Winston Tortice      CAD/Records Supervisor 

Linda Antonio         Records Clerk   

VACANT                 Records Clerk

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Priscilla Cheney       Dispatch Supervisor

Marvalynn Walters   Assistant Dispatch Supervisor



Harrison Kinney Jr. Evidence Technician

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Patrol Division - Field Operations

Theodore Shaw      Patrol Lieutenant

Lehi Jessop              Patrol Sergeant

Layne Johnson         Partol Sergeant

Johnathan Steah      Patrol Sergeant



Justin Pike            Detective

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Elmer Lamson        SORNA Compliance Officer

VACANT                 SORNA Compliance Clerk

VACANT                 SORNA Data Records Clerk

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Auto Shop / Maintenance 

Albert Burnette        Lead Mechanic

Kyle Goseyun          Assistant Mechanic

Patrick Armstrong   Maintenance / Custodian

Department Directory

W h i t e   M o u n t a i n   A p a c h e


5 East Sycamore Street         Whiteriver, Arizona  85941         Phone (928) 338-4942        FAX (928) 338-4565

Department Partnerships

WMAT Dept. of Corrections    928-338-1120

WMAT Prosecution Unit          928-338-2254  

WMA DPS Rangers                928-369-7067

WMAT Social Services            928-338-4164

WMAT Tribal Court                 928-338-4720

WMAT EMS                            928-338-3095

WMAT Fire & Rescue             928-338-4311

Cibecue Fire Station              928-332-2401

WMA Housing Security           928-338-1181

BIA Law Enforcement             928-338-5355 

DPS - Highway Patrol             928-537-5545      


San Carlos Police Department                 928-475-2311

San Carlos Dept of Corrections               928-475-4060

Show Low Police Department                   928-537-5091

Pinetop Police Department                       928-368-8800

Navajo County Sheriff's Office                  928-536-7460

BIA Forestry                                             928-338-5429

Pinetop Fire Department                          928-367-2199

Show Low Fire Department                      928-537-5100

Apache County Sheriffs Office                 928-337-4321

Native Air - Show Low                               909-915-2303


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Background photo by Elmer Lamson