Forest Ranger

The White Mountain Apache Forest Ranger, formally a subsection of the Tribal Forestry Department, is now part of the White Mountain Apache Police Department Law Enforcement section. The primary duties of the Forest Ranger is to provide enforcement of the Natural Resource Code by patrolling the 1.6 million acre wood lands and forest lands of the White Mountain Apache Tribe; to ensure the applications of sound silvicultural and economic principles to the harvesting of miscellaneous forest products by responding to illegal activities, prevention of trespass and to provide for the enforcement of rules and regulations pertaining to miscellaneous forest products on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.


In addition, the Forest Ranger coordinates with the White Mountain Apache Police and the White Mountain Apache Public Safety Division Rangers with the enforcement of federal, state, and local laws where necessary. The Forest Ranger is a certified law enforcement officer who may make arrest or issue citations giving notice to the trespasser, buyer, possessor, or violator that a trespass or violation has occurred, basis for the determination, providing notice of the location of the court and a date in which to answer the citation. The Forest Ranger is supervised by the Police Captain of the White Mountain Apache Police Department.


Violations pertaining to the White Mountain Apache Tribe’s Natural Resources should be reported to the White Mountain Apache Police Department at 928-338-4942.


Marty Gatewood

Forest Ranger

W h i t e   M o u n t a i n   A p a c h e


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