The purpose of National Police Week or Peace Officers Memorial Day is an observance in the United States that pays tribute to the local, state, and federal peace officers who have died, or who have been disabled, in the line of duty.

Insomuch, the White Mountain Apache Police Department has honored National Police Week to honor fallen White Mountain Apache Police Officers Tenney Gatewood Jr, P22 and David Kellywood, P-204. Officer Gatewood and Officer Kellywood are honored each year as well as other fallen officers during this time. Not only our fallen officers but the White Mountain Apache Police Department in conjunction with the White Mountain Apache Tribe has also honored officers who continue to put their lives on the line in this particular week.

During such time, the White Mountain Apache Police Department has continued with some of the events at the National Agenda with some additions to include, candlelight vigils, community memorial runs and walks, memorial basketball/volleyball tournaments and school visits to promote police activity and promotional awareness.

Approximately, 500 participants include Police Department employees (Administrative staff and Police Officers), tribal leaders and community members all come together and honor our officers and the life of Fallen Officers Tenny Gatewood Jr, P-22 and David Kellywood, P204.

The White Mountain Apache Police Department appreciates the continued support of our officers and the life of Officer Tenny Gatewood Jr, P-22 and Officer David Kellywood, P-204.

W h i t e   M o u n t a i n   A p a c h e


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Department Partnerships

WMAT Dept. of Corrections    928-338-1120

WMAT Prosecution Unit          928-338-2254  

WMA DPS Rangers                928-369-7067

WMAT Social Services            928-338-4164

WMAT Tribal Court                 928-338-4720

WMAT EMS                            928-338-3095

WMAT Fire & Rescue             928-338-4311

Cibecue Fire Station              928-332-2401

WMA Housing Security           928-338-1181

BIA Law Enforcement             928-338-5355 

DPS - Highway Patrol             928-537-5545      


San Carlos Police Department                 928-475-2311

San Carlos Dept of Corrections               928-475-4060

Show Low Police Department                   928-537-5091

Pinetop Police Department                       928-368-8800

Navajo County Sheriff's Office                  928-536-7460

BIA Forestry                                             928-338-5429

Pinetop Fire Department                          928-367-2199

Show Low Fire Department                      928-537-5100

Apache County Sheriffs Office                 928-337-4321

Native Air - Show Low                               909-915-2303


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