• Jerold Altaha

White Mountain Law Enforcement Meeting

On May 20, 2015 the White Mountain Apache Public Safety Director, Andrew Kane, Sr., and his staff initiated a joint meeting with the White Mountain Apache Tribal Council and local Law Enforcement Agencies within the White Mountains. The purpose of this meeting was to establish protocol in extreme emergencies as well as stregthen current relationships between the White Mountain Apache Tribe and the local Law Enforcement Agencies.

This meeting was held at the Hon Dah Casino and Convention Center.

The meeting between the White Mountain Apache Tribal Council and the local law enforcement agencies was the first of its kind in the history of the tribe. Those in attendence included the White Mountain Apache Police Department, Show Low Police Department, Pinetop Police Department, San Carlos Apache Police Department, Navajo County Sheriff's Office, Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement, WMAT Department of Corrections, Arizona State Troopers (DPS), Apache County Sheriff's Office, Gila County Sheriff's Office, Federal Bureau of Investigations, United States Marshall, United States District Attorney, Indian Health Services, Emergency Medical Services, WMAT Fire & Rescue, WMAT Judicial Services, WMAT Prosecution Unit, WMAT Emergency Preparedness Operations, and other representatives of non-govermental organizations.

The meeting was a success in bringing together and developing a shared understanding of key interoperability challenges currently facing tribal public safety agencies. One of the areas addressed was communications between tribal, state, and county agencies as well as neighboring tribal public safety agenices such as the San Carlos Apache Police.

This meeting's intent to promote the sharing of best practices and experiences along with providing the latest information regarding emerging systems and practices was achieved. Navajo County Supervisor Dawnafe Whitesinger facilitated this meeting.

The White Mountain Apache Tribe's Public Safety Department seeks to make this meeting an annual event to continue in the progress of building good working relationships between our entities.

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