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Professional Standards Unit

The White Mountain Apache Police Department Professional Standard Unit is an internal, administrative, investigation team staffed with personnel who report directly to the Chief of Police. The Professional Standard Unit is staff by two personnel; Lt. Steven Kane and Det. Perphelia Steele.


The Professional Standard Unit is responsible for investigating complaints that are received from the general public concerning the performance, demeanor, and behavior of Police employees. The unit also conducts internal investigations concerning violations of Department policy and criminal law that are reported by Police personnel and maintains confidential personnel files of all employees of the White Mountain Apache Police Department.


The Professional Standard Unit investigates the background of all potential Police Officer, Dispatcher, and Police Department staff to ensure the applicants meet the minimum standards set by the White Mountain Apache Police Department, Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement, and the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board. The Unit also conducts physical fitness and written entry tests as part of the Department requirement for hire.


The Professional Standard Unit of the White Mountain Apache Department investigates risk management issues, conducts internal audits concerning appropriate use of force standards, police vehicle pursuits, personnel records retention, and other Department policies and functions.


The Command Staff of the White Mountain Apache Police Department regularly reviews and evaluate the work performance of our Police employees in order to ensure the highest levels of professionalism. We recognize that the normal operation of any law enforcement agency may generate complaints of personal misconduct. We also recognize that the community’s trust in the White Mountain Apache Police Department is vital to our success. It is our assurance that each and every compliant of personnel misconduct received is thoroughly investigated.



Lt. Steven Kane

Professional Standards Unit

(928) 338-4942 ext. 229

Fax: (928) 338-4565


Det. Perphelia Steele

Professsional Standards Unit

(928) 338-4942 ext. 233

Fax: (928) 338-4570


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