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Records Department

The Records Department is a controlled public service area which stores all police records and reports. The Records Department distributes certain reports to the public and to various law enforcement agencies. The Records Department houses files pertaining to arrests, incidents, and accidents. . As with other units of the White Mountain Apache Police Department, the Records Department adheres to strict standards of confidentiality.


How to Obtain a Record

  • For a copy of a police incident report; you may request from the Records department in person.  The cost of an Incident report is $1.00 per page.




WMAPD Records Department is managed in accordance with Departmental rules regulations, policies/procedures, as well as the department's standard operating procedures to:

  • Collect, process and protect all records filed within this Department

  • Maintain accurate and complete record of reported information

  • Increase public confidence with the White Mountain Apache Police Department by providing access to our records in a timely manner, as authorized by law

  • Promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the WMAT criminal justice system through improved coordination and cooperation from this department



Hours of Operation

Monday - Fridays       

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Closed on Holidays

Not Pictured


Trudy Fall

Records Supervisor

(928) 338-4942 ext. 243

Fax: (928) 338-4565


Linda Antonio

Records Clerk

(928) 338-4942 ext. 224

Fax: (928) 338-4565

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