Ride Along Program

The purpose of the White Mountain Apache Police Department Ride-Along Program is to encourage interest in law enforcement and to educate the community about what the police department does daily, and to help residents become familiar with the officers and the department. The Ride-Along Program promotes a better understanding of the challenges, risks and rewards of the police officer’s role in the community.

Rules and Regulations (Must be 16 years of age).


The Chief of Police may make an exception to age requirement if the parent or legal guardian of a minor submits a request in writing.


Persons who have never participated in the Ride Along Program shall be given preference over those who have.


Participants are only allowed to ride twice every six months.Participants must have a valid photo ID or driver’s license when reporting to their schedule ride along.


Participants shall be considered an observer only, and shall be under the direct supervision of the assigned officer during the ride along.


Participants will remain in the patrol unit, unless instructed by the officer.Participants must wear their seatbelts while inside the patrol unit.


Participants shall conduct themselves in a civil and courteous manner at all times.


Participants must wear neat, clean, appropriate clothing. (Shorts, sweat suits or jogging suits, tank tops, halter tops, or clothing that is torn, soiled or displays offensive language or symbols will not be allowed).


Participants must remain in the patrol car unless instructed to leave by an officer.


In the case of a potentially dangerous or hazardous call, participants may be dropped off at a safe location. If this occurs, the officer will give the participant specific instructions and arrange to have them picked up by another unit.


Participants must not become involved in any incident the officer is handling. This includes discussions of an incident with victims, witnesses, or suspects.


Participants are not allowed to handle or use any of the officer’s equipment or the equipment in the patrol vehicle.


No tape recordings, cameras, or similar devices are allowed without prior approval from the Chief of Police.


Failure to comply with any of the above listed rules and guidelines will result in the immediate termination of the ride along.